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Orektika (Starters)

Marinated olives with pitta bread (V) £2.95
Tzatziki (V)
Greek yoghurt, cucumber, mint and garlic served with pitta bread
A blend of smoked cod roe, olive oil, garlic and breadcrumbs with a lemon tang - served with pitta bread
Hommous (V)
A blend of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, served with pitta bread
Haloumi Lountza
Chargrilled Cypriot cheeze and smoked pork loin
Melon and Grilled Halloumi
Fanned Galia melon with Cypriot cheese
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs
Maridaki (Whitebait)
Whitebait lightly floured and deep fried
Deep fried squid
Loukaniko Ometella
Chargrilled wine spiced sausage with egg
Pan-fried mushrooms in a garlic sauce
Prawn Salata
Greenland prawns on a bed of fresh lettuce served with seafood sauce
Avocado Prawns
Served with greenland prawns and seafood sauce
Moule Mariniere
Mussels cooked in white wine, garlic, herbs and cream

Psari (Fish Dishes)

Deep fried squid with garlic butter
Fresh salmon grilled with garlic butter
Lavriki (Seabass)
Whole sea bass grilled with garlic butter
Psaro Pilaf
Traditional greek dish of rice and seafood - similar to paella

All served with chips

Greek Favourites

Strips of beef, cooked in red wine, white wine vinegar, tomatoes, onions and herbs served with rice
Sliced potatoes, auberginie, courgette and minced beef, topped with a delicious creamy sauce and grated cheese, Oven baked and seved with veg
Tender pieces of pork marinated in white wine and spices, served with vegetables
Lamb on the bone marinated in white wine and herbs, pot roasted in the oven - served with potatoes
Kotopoulo (chicken)
Flame grilled chicken served with chips and salad
Kotopoulo Pieris
Breast of chicken cooked in white wine, mushrooms. onion. garlic and cream sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables and chips
Kotopoulo Eleni
Chicken cooked tomato sauce fetta cheese and olives served with chips
Souvlakia (Pork or chicken)
Tender pieces of pork or chicken on a skewer, char-grilled and served with rice and salad
Souvlakia (Lamb)
Tender pieces of lamb on a skewer, char-grilled and served with rice and salad

Steaks + Grills

T-Bone Steak
14-16oz on the bone
Grilled lamb chops
Grilled Sirloin
A prime juicy cut cooked to your liking
Fillet Steak
The most tender and juicy cut cooked to your liking
Peppered Steak
Sirloin steak cooked in peppercorn and cream sauce
Steak Chasseur
Cooked with red wine, onions, tomatoes and flamed in brandy
Fillet Maison
Cooked with mushrooms, onion and tomato in a white wine and cream sauce flamed in brandy

All served with peas and chips

Fillet Stroganoff
Pieces of fillet steak pan-fried with mushrooms and onion and cream sauce - served with rice

Salads and Vegetables

Traditional Greek Salad
Lettuce, red onion, tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives and fetta in an oil and vinegar dressing
Fetta Salad
Fetta, avocado and tomato with olive oil
Butter beans cooked with onion, carrots, celery and tomato sauce
Omeletta Horiatiki
Fried corgette and eggs. (village style omlette)
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs
Smoked Salmon and Prawn Salad
Smoked salmon or succulent prawns on a bed of fresh lettuce served with seafood sauce
Veggie Pilaf
Stir fried vegetables cooked with white wine and tomato cream sauce
Veggie Moussaka
Layers of potato. aubergines and courgette with vegetable and bechamel sauce - oven baked

Side Orders

Pitta Bread £1.00
French Bread £1.50
Rice £1.50
Garlic Bread £2.00
Chips £2.00
Onion Rings £2.00
Mushrooms £2.00


Traditional sweet, layers of filo pastry, nuts and honey syrup
Shredded filo pastry with nuts spices and honey
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Layers of moist chocolate cake filled with rich fudge icing - can be served warm
Greek Yoghurt and Honey
topped with nuts
Cream Caramel
A rich custard desert with caramel topping
Dessert of the day
Ask your waiter for the choice
Traditional Homemade Apple Pie
With a choice of custard, ice cream or cream


Greek Coffee £2.50
Espresso £1.95
Latte £2.50
Cappuccino £2.50
Americano £2.50

Liqueur Coffees

Tia Maria
All dishes are cooked to order so please allow us a little time to prepare your order.
Whilst we try to make our menu as descriptive as possible, please speak to a member of staff if you have a food intolerance, some of our dishes do contain wheat and nuts.
We work to offer the highest standard of service and the hospitality you would expect to receive in a traditional Greek Taverna.

10% service charge will apply for parties of six or more dining


We have a fully stocked bar and a selection of wines to suit any palette.

Bottled Beers
Keo Cyprus Lager (Small) £3.25
Keo Cyprus Lager (Large) £4.95
Guinness £3.25
Cider £3.25
Selection of other bottled beers £3.25
Draught Beers
Carling Lager (half pint) £1.75
Carling Lager (pint) £3.50
Whisky £2.80
Gin £2.80
Vodka £2.80
Bacardi £2.80
Jack Daniels £3.50
Cognac £3.50
Ouzo £2.80
Port £2.80
Liqueurs £2.95

In addition to our wine list we have a selection of red and white Greek wines at £15.50 per bottle